Dance Photography: Telling a story though movement and the lens

Dance Photography

I never thought I would ever photograph dancers. About five years ago I was learning how to shoot. I was teaching myself how to photograph hockey. I would go to Ohio State Women’s Hockey games and photograph the fast action. One week, the Ohio State women were out of town playing another team. I didn’t have anything to shoot. Balletmet Columbus had the “Nutcracker Suite” playing. I called them up and asked them if I can come in and shoot. Low and behold I was shooting their dress rehearsal. I was amazed at the dancer’s grace, athleticism, speed and flexibility. It was faster than any hockey game I had ever been to. I started shooting more and more of Balletmet’s performances.

Whether it’s ballet, lyrical, jazz, contemporary, or hip hop, dance tells a story. For years audiences have been entertained with famous ballets like “The Nutcracker”, “Swan Lake”, and “La Bayadère”. These are stories of love, betrayal, vengeance, and the battle against good and evil. Like dance, photography tells a story too. Whether it’s a performance, a posed shot of an arabesque, or a headshot of a dancer, that photograph tells a story. The difference is that story is told in a photograph.

As a photographer, my job is to tell your story through the lens. As a dancer, you get joy from performing on stage, or just doing a few steps walking down the street. The point is dance is your passion. I would like to join you in telling your story as a dancer. These photos can be used to get you a role in a production, a dance intensive, or even into a prestigious school. Let me tell your story.

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